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Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions


Cloud computing is a client-server mechanism, one that connects to resources from multiple internet-connected devices. These devices have lower barriers for access to the cloud. It essentially means that applications are made live through the use of many computers that exist online, rather than a local computer or web server.

We provide customers with cloud consulting services, cloud application development, and cloud migration services.

In Cloud consulting services, we assess the readiness of existing application for migration to the cloud and then draw up a cloud adoption plan and provide business cases and also come up with government and risk policies.Cloud application development services, we provide development of software as a service. We design and develop services for the cloud and on the cloud. The cloud could be of any of the private, public and hybrid.

Our experienced Cloud based Web Application developers work to ensure that clients receive highest quality, cost effective applications. We follow industry best practices for the protection of intellectual property and client privacy. We offer our clients flexibility in choosing hiring method that must/mostly suits their needs. We specialize in building impressive applications that use shared resources, software and information on demand. It also encompasses sharing of a wider range of web applications like storage, computing cycle and even application development platforms. We aim at creating impressive applications and then releasing it on cloud.

Advantages of applications on Cloud

• Universal document access
• Increases data reliability
• Instant software updates
• User collaborate easily
• Unlimited storage capacity
• Web Services